Automation make email easier

Email tracking, mail merge, send later, auto follow up, quick compose…

Support all major email service via IMAP&SMTP

Save more time.

Quick composing

Once created,  no more repetitive composing. One click to call.

  • Support categories to mange single email templates

  • Availabe for multiple stage sequence email templates

  • Available for multiple signatures

  • Available for quick reply

Email tracking ( read receipt)

Stop guessing, see all email activities clearly.

  • Track different emai activity: email open, link click, attachment download.

  • Activity details: time, number, location, platform.

  • All data updated instantly

Mail merge for email personalization

Import personalized data, insert variables in emails and create personlized emails automatically.

  • 30 variables includeed, support frequent and custom variables.

  • Available to insert variables to email subject and content.

  • Available to insert variables in sequence emails

  • Use .csv file to upload data and easy to edit

  • Pesonalized emails, looks like 100% hand typed.

Auto sending emails like 100% handmade

Relax yourselves, Bizez will finish tasks for you automatically.

  • Use your personal network via Bizez email client to send, instead of shared public network

  • Send from your personal mailbox, instead of commerical server

  • Auto set random interval between each two continuous emails

  • Auto to filter blacklist contacts and unsubscribers.

  • Scheduling to send at ideal time

  • Available to track emails, unsubsribe, 1-click to call templates

Sequence emails to auto follow up

After creating multiple stage email tasks, Bizez will finish all as scheduled automatically.

  • Different triggers to send emails, like date and time, sent, no open

  • Available to create multiple tasks and automate email personalization. All emails looks like 100% manually typed.

  • Auto follow up via sending emails like 100% handmade

  • Auto to filter blacklist contacts and unsubscribers.

  • Scheduling to start and send at ideal time

  • Available to track emails, unsubscribe, 1-click to call templates


At the same time to manage emails and contacts.

  • When reading emails, see and edit contact details at sidebar.

  • Not only for basic details, but also with different tags.

  • All contact details can be imported and exported thru excel.

  • All contact data will be synchronized globally. Anywhere and anytime to manage.

  • 1 platform to manage multiple accounts

  • Unified files

  • Smart search in contacts

  • Cloud file to send

  • Anywhere to manage via data synchronization

  • Scheduling to send at ideal time

  • Unsubscribe

  • Blocklist

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Unlimited manual sending Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Auto sending limit 50 Emails/Day 50 Emails/Day 1,000 Emails/Day
All other features included

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