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    Multi Accounts Social Media Marketing

    With BizEz, contact thousands of customers easily.

  • For more orders.

    More target clients + More effective contact = More orders


    Find more clients

    With Google and Facebook, get as much clients as you want.


    Effective contact

    With Facebook multi account marketing tools, simulate manual operation and contact thousands of clients easily.


    More orders

    So easy!

  • With BizEz, contact thousands of customers easily.

    Find more customers solution - Google & Facebook

    With Google & Facebook, easily find any personal / company customer.

    • With Google auto search, easy to find any business customer.
    • Search all global 40+ languages, 200+ countries.
    • Effective data processing to find out customer easily.
    • Automatic collect contacts including social media accounts.
    • 2.6 billion users on Facebook, easy to find any personal / business customer.
    • Easy to collect thousands of customers

    Effective contact solution - Facebook Multi Account Marketing

    Contact thousands of customers easily.

    • 1 PC can manage 100+ FB accounts.
    • Easily get thousands of customers.
    • Add thousands of customers per day.
    • Automatic add multi friends.
    • Automatic send multi messages.
    • Instructiosn for avoid accounts' blocking and unblocking.
  • About Us

    BizEz mission is to make biz ez.


    BizEz team was made from technical and marketing members. Marketing team members all have more than 10 years experience, with both online and offline marketing skills. Thus it can make sure BizEz solutions are suitable for users. Technical team members are from famous IT companies, such as Google, Baidu, Netease. All have rich experience in IT programs to make stable and intelligent software.


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